We Build Your Dreams

From an original idea in an original film there is Mr. Lobo, the one who solves your most difficult problems.

Your best Team

Since it is not easy to know the Spanish and Balearic regulations, especially when you are a foreigner and in order to solve your projects and dreams and turn them into reality, Wolf Engineering S.L.

In 1992, the technical team of our company began its professional career, always linked to residential construction and services. The first projects were carried out in Barcelona and its surroundings, so that, starting in 1998, we started our activities in the Balearic Islands, where we currently have our headquarters.

In these more than 25 years of activity, we have focused our work on the High Quality residential market, mainly for international clients, having developed more than 100 projects in all the Islands.

In addition to the technical team, we have our own staff, which allows us to guarantee the level of quality and service that our clients demand and which are the fundamental objectives of the company.